Japanese cuisine ENTHUSIASM

About Fuji

Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi – and Fuji Guia is much more than just the restaurant. We are a small team that revolves around an authentic interpretation of Japanese cuisine with a lot of personal commitment. In our restaurant, we create the stage where our chefs can prove their quality and versatility. In February 2018, we opened our restaurant Fuji Guia in Cascais, which has been known for consistently high sushi quality ever since. From the beginning, we have always worked exclusively with a certified sushi master – with a great understanding of the differences between the different cultures. We know that it takes special efforts and our own rules to continuously offer quality according to Japanese standards – we try to translate the Japanese quality for our guests and make it tangible.

Continuous quality according to Japanese standards

Understanding Japanese Quality

Japanese cuisine is one of the most sophisticated, healthy and diverse in the world. We are passionate about Japanese culture, where eating special food is a high priority. We present a high-quality interpretation of Japanese dishes and Japanese culture – so with us, you can get closer to Japanese culture without having to speak Japanese. By the way, the Japanese have one of the highest life expectations in the world due to the special Japanese diet.

– Good food should not only satisfy you, but also make you happy –